the real secret tips of understanding life


The real Secret tips of Understanding Life.

        1. Love is not an action,it becomes your nature.It is a state of self.Love all alike.You can’t love  another.

2. Meditation attains perfection when it is no longer necessary to meditate again.

3. Man is 2% physical and 98% mental and spiritual.Physical claims most of our attention;time and energy.We have really forgotten God.

4. A faint heart never wins a Fair Lady.

5. Creation-Something coming out of nothing.

6. ‘Vedas’ cannot show you God.You are already that.With knowledge,ignorance goes, then sin,then desire,selfishness,then all misery disappears.

7. Even the desire to know yourself becomes obstacle,in finding own self i:e Realization.

8. God may forgive but the nervous system never does.Who can recompense him for those 20 years lost in wilderness,the mental agony,the suffocating anxiety,the uncertainties and frustrations,the cruel injustice of in all;by what measure and by what yardstick shall these be calculated.

9. What is gained by knowing “self”. “By knowing which nothing remains to be known”.

10. Love is a state of self.It is not an action.Love is not done.It just happens.If there is slightest feeling that I love,the love is not real.Love becomes my nature.

11. If your horse is hungry ,feed it but keep yourself above hunger .As you are “Atma”

12. Have you got the will to surmount mountains high obstructions,when whole world is against you with a sword in hand?
Would you still dare to do what you think is right ?If wife and children are against you,If all your money goes,your name
dies,would you still stick to it ?

13. It is good to have money and the things money can buy,but it is good too to check-up once a while and make sure that you haven’t lost the things,money can’t buy a god,bliss& breath.

14. The only difference between a saint and sinner is that every saint has a past and every sinner a future.

15. Time is more than money.Time lost can never be recovered.

16. Never forget the obligations of your “Guru”.

17. Give-up fault finding if you want peace of mind.

18.  I was hidden treasure and I loved to be known.Therefore I created the creation in order to be known.

19. Are your prayers also not based on fear.Whenever you fear ,you remember God.

20. I want to change myself.If a man is a sinner,he puts on clothes of virtues,if violent then clothes of non-violence,if ignorant,clothes of knowledge,the ambition to be something in mind.I want to become a saint .Can any women with a man’s clothes become a man.When there is a desire to be anything this is an escape from”self”.

21. Troubles won’t come if you invite them not.

22. Feel your children,relatives and friends as co-travelers in the journey of life and nothing more.So that if calamities befall,it will have no effect on the individual.

23. It is difficult for man laden with riches to climb the steep path that leader to bliss.

24. Want makes us beggars.

25. Any attempt to suppress desire is a desire itself.

26 .Knowledge means farewell to desires.

27. Nothing is created. Infact there is no creation.The universe is the projection of God-His explanation,Extension,Annexture of God.All the world is nothing but your thought,your imagination and your ideas.

28. All is right that seems most wrong.

29. It is mind that makes heaven or hell.

30. Open your window to allow sun to come in.Make the best use of everything.

31. Why destroy present happiness by a distant misery,which may never come at all.

32. If your thought cannot make you miserable,then even God cannot.God may forgive,but your nervous system never does.

33. Money cannot make a man.Money can at most spoil a man.

34.  Stop thinking.Enjoy nature by walking alone with God.Then you lose your cares and worries,become carefree and careless.

35. My happiness depends on the way I meet events in my life;not on the events.

36.  Never wish to change the things that cannot be changed.What can’t be cured must be endured.

37. Worry is a rocking chair,that never takes me any Where.

38.  Every soul in your own soul.Every creature in yourself.If you help someone you help yourself.

39. As you think,so shall you become.

40. Faith is powerful than fear.

41. I don’t want followers because if you follow,you lose truth.

42.  It is the mind that makes hell of heaven.Thought is responsible for the whole mischief.

43.  He who is on the real path is sure to realize the object.

44. Speak only when you are heard with heart.

45. A person who gives unasked advice needs an advice himself.

46. God gave man free will,so that he may choose him above all,but a free choice involves the possibility of wrong choice.Man chooses “Ego” instead of his real self i.e,God.

47. Instead of changing the world one should change oneself.If the mind is changed, the man is changed;If the man is changed,the world is changed.

48. The man thinks that he is killing the time,not realizing that the time is killing him.

49.. Giving up the false self(ego) is  true Renunciation.

50. Love is state of “At ma” not an action.

51. Samadhi in the state of thoughtlessness.



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