lessons that we only learn in the school of life.

No matter how many degrees we have or what kind of education we received, there are some thing that only life can teach us-lessons that we only learn in the school of life.


Nobody is perfect ,whatever we are ,its fine at all.We need not to prove anyone what we are .We grow by age ,learn new things ,experience new emotions daily ……sometimes we just find ourselves at a very new level of thinking that we find it a new achievement in us …..hurrah i find myself at a new level of my life .

I was just so immature at that time ,how silly i was …..Now i find a better way to live than before.

Every day is a new hope to move forward and achieve new mile stones.
We need to learn how to deal from each and every circumstances that come across. Every thing looks so difficult in the beginning and becomes slippy day by day .Same as with life …when we dealing with the difficulties of life ..it is difficult because it is your first time ..you never face it before …..As you recollect all your energy and face all the problems …you will find yourself at a new level of your life .
If you are thinking why i am facing so much …then u bound yourself to a limit of learning .Life is a learning.And we can’t learn anything in the wounds of our luxury life .Everything in life is an experience. The more experience we have in life, the better educated we are about it.but the things we gain differ at various stages.
In our childhood, we learn about disciplines, make friends with others and explore the world through the guidance of our parents and teachers.When entering the secondary school, we learn to actively engage in the learning process by equipping ourselves with a critical way of thinking, a curious mind and a capacity for analysis.
Life is given to us and we need to experience life fully and without experience, we will never learn how beautiful life truly is.

We should learn how to be independent .

To find yourself, think for yourself.

We learn that we have to stand on our own and take care of ourselves. Our parents and teachers won’t guide us anymore, so it’s just us against the world and we have to be prepared for it, because no one is better equipped to answer our own questions but ourselves.


We should learn how to move on from failure.

When we failed in school and colleges…..it was easy to make up for it or study harder for the next one, but in life failure changes our whole perspective of life.Failure are the part of life and success can only come after so many failures.We should learn how to move on from failure and accept it as a part of journey.


We should learn how to love rather than how to be loved .

Everyone need love ….
Instead of needing to get love, you can give love from the heart for the joy of it, and feel filled in the giving.


We should learn to take right decisions.

We will pick wrong careers and wrong partners that will not be very kind with our hearts.
We may not always understand why we wasted our deepest emotions over something that introduced us to misery but life will let us know the reason eventually-in time-or maybe we will never know.


Everything is temporary

“Everything in life is temporary. So if things are going good, enjoy it because it won’t last forever. And if things are going bad, don’t worry. It can’t last forever either.”

Pain is temporary. Feelings are temporary, even our time on earth is temporary, try not to give power to temporary emotions to ruin our lives.


We have to face our fears.

Losing someone we loved, losing our job, moving away from home,…etc. We can’t escape fear so we have to learn how to face it and walk with it.


Love Yourself .

If we want to make our lives a bit easier than we have to love ourselves.We have to forgive ourselves for our mistakes and failures, we have to believe in ourselves even if those around us aren’t believing in us, we have to learn when to walk away from people who are not good for us, and we have to love ourselves even if we are not who we wanted to be.




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