Is space healthy in a relationship .


What is the need of personal space in Life .



Here we are discussing about what is the need of personal space between relations or you can say very close relations.
Every body needs their personal space in any kind of relationship in today’s time….whether it is husband -wife or friendship
between two girls and between two sisters or two brothers.Personal space means remain disconnected physically ,verbally
or mentally or emotionally to a person for sometime in any relation or
Give time to your own thoughts ,feelings ,ambitions etc or freedom to do something that you want to do or to think about
something.Different persons have different definitions of personal space and different time limit and different reasons why
they need personal space.
When an unfamiliar face or stranger or any other person we don’t love passes our comfort zone, the neural signals begin to
fire, creating feelings of discomfort, irritability and anxiety.
But what is the reason that the person needs the personal space from the person they love?

If the bonding is strong …we can share most of the things in a relation …..but can we share all the things to a person that
comes in our mind. No…

This is the game of emotions .Its depends on what type of emotions we are having at a particular point of time.
Sometimes we are felling very low and week that we want somebody to share our feelings or want to discuss the person
behind that feeling .
It depend on your thinking that you are comfortable to share your feelings and emotions to a person you love all the time or
When You starts finding that the person can’t understand your each and every emotions ( your wife ,your best friend
,your sister )…you starts setting boundaries.
Here you have to understand the point …….you start setting boundaries without discussion with your significant partner because you suddenly starts believing that they are not useful in giving results to your own mental conversations.It doesn’t mean you
don’t love them ……but you start thinking about your personal space or you can say your egoistic space.Invite them to your thoughts .If you not invite them …how they understands you .
Remember your thinking is only responsible for this …..that you want to push back for sometime.
In this today world….. if we think logically ...people are more happily want to connected to other people if they find them
useful.It always doesn’t mean they want to use them .But the connection becomes strong when the other person is of the
same background and thoughts and work.
Whether it is any relation.If you denied my this point …..then you are wrong.
So if two persons are not from the same background ,work ,thoughts …..they need space to their own thoughts and
implementation ..later they discuss their common perspective whenever they find time.

But what ..when both are from the same thoughts ,work instead they need personal space.What is the reason.
Or the situation becomes worse when one of the significant partner want personal space and other don’t.

Sometimes personal space is important because it fosters trust and communication between partners and other may be
you want to give some surprises and little attention for planning something better .Your intention may not be wrong but

you want do something intresting. Everyone in this world wants a little attention from the people they love.
No matter how much you love that person, you owe it to yourself to be an individual now that you’re with them as well.

But remember Don’t keep secrets from your other specific Partner. Include them in what you did and where you went as much as possible.

If you’re together all the time, what is there to talk about? You can play the “remember when?” game, but that gets old quickly. It’s much more fun to hear what your significant other/spouse did today, and tell them what you did as well. This keeps communication open and builds a stronger, more loving and trusting relationship.
Having time to yourself will enable you to think more critically about whatever it is the two of you might be going through.

Remember that everyone is different.You don’t automatically have to enjoy the same things your significant other does.
But remember don’t indulge in your personal space too much that it has become your only priority.
It can be tough understanding emotional needs of person you love , especially the ones that differ so much from your own.
The best thing you can do is just sit down and talk honestly about how you are and ask about their needs.

Sometimes someone’s talk sounds so good that …that we thinks he is the only person who understand …and the next
time…we are disappointed by his talks…..It is because of your own emotions that makes you fell disappointing and your
expectations to that
No one in this world can makes you feel good all the time.
If a person is constantly trying to waooo  you all the time…..
It may be of two reasons…
They have own motive.
Or they wants to make u feel special .Don’t take it granted.They have their own feelings and emotions too.It takes a lot of
emotional hard work to make someone feel special.Its your responsibility too make them realized that you respects their
emotions and whatever they share with you.

And yes ,If the feelings and emotions are mutual ,the efforts must be equal from both the significant parties.

Thanks for reading ….

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