How to think different and Save relations?

If you are a student …….Then that post have different scenerio…

If you are in a working phase of life….then this post  can help u a lot .So read it till end ..If u are  thinking …What u are doing in your life….only running ..running …working for your bread and butter ..We all know its necessary …But we all make our life more realistic by knowing What we are doing ..and what we need to do…Where we are lacking behind ….
If u want to achieve a lot …….and u have lot of ambitions …..Think…the very first thought came into your mind is ….Yes we will have to fully utilize our day……Do lots of planning ….and only some part may be succesful rest not …..Instead you have lots of time to complete your task but you have no energy left…

You know when u woke up in the morning and u are a positive thinker ….u planned to fully utilize your day.
Your body loses energy in each and every task u do in a day….whether u are doing some physical work or either sitting whole day …….Or in thinking ,planning ,crying ,missing someone .
A millions of thougths came into your mind in a day ….sometimes +ve and sometime you feel low….
You can’t feel same through out the day…..
Or jaisa aap feel karenge … vaisa aap behave karenge …If u feel +ve ,energetic …. u will be happy and dusro ko khush rakenge ..
For example :

So lets take an example :
Ek ladka  hai …..Vo apni life mai bahut kucch karna chahta hai..ek bahut ucche mukaam par pahucchna chahta hai.
Uske liye vo bahut mehnat karna chahta hai…
Har ek insan ki life mai bahut se impotant role hote hai..
Apko apni work life(office life or business) ko manage karna hota hai
Apni family ko manage karna hota hai …Time dena hota hai…
And the most imortant is Your Love life.Agar aap kisi se pyar karte hai to apko ye bhi dekhna hota hai ki…aap usko khush rakhe ..
Or apki khud ki personal life …apne ko time dena…apni body ki care ko time dena ,apne friends ko .
Jo log apse pyar karte hai …chahe vo apki family ho ya apki girlfriend ho apke sath time spend karna chahte hai..
Or jab aap apni life ke ek phase mai itna fhas jaate hai …ki dusre phase ke apke pass time to hai lekin energy nahi fhir soccho kya hoga…ladai hogi …jhagde honge …dissappontments.

If u are a working person ….then its becomes very difficult to manage all roles succesfully….but impossible to nahi hai na..

Ek ladka hai …vo pure din office mai rehta hai ..kaam karta hai ..thak jata hai…or usko smoking or drink karne ki bhi aadat hai….Drink karne se to vaise hi physical health par bahut asar padta hai …Or apki physical energy din pe din kaam hoti jayegi…..or jaab apke pass strenghth hi nahi hai …to aapke pass kitna bhi time ku na ho..koi use nahi hai us time ka…
Uski ek girlfriend hai or family hai …sham ko 7 bje ke baad uske pass time to hota hai ..lekin itni energy nahi hoti …ki aap unhe acche se treat kar paye….U were present but mentally tired hote ho… to dusre bande ko kahi na kahi feel hoga hi…chahe vo apki family ho ya fhir love .That’s called emotional dissappontment .Vo apse emotionally naraj rahenge …aap unko samjhaoge but or kucch nahi kar sakte ho.
Aapki ladai hongi…or apko is baatka guilt hoga….ab yaha apki energy loose hogi …as an emotional energy .
Ab aap next day office jaoge to apke pass accha karne ke liye pura din hoga ..Lekin aap emotional down honge to…kaam karne ke liye +ve energy kaha se aayegi…Apka mind to positivity generate hi nahi kar pa raha hai..
Iski chakkar mai apki life disbalance rahegi ..or aap socchenge….ki
Ab mai apni personal life ko better bnau..ya fhir Love life ko ….ya fhir Family ke liye kucch karu …

Aap galat nahi ho…. Ap sab sahi karna chahte ho ..or time bhi hai …bus jarurat hai to bus ek sahi approach ki …Thora sa apne socchne ke najareye ko badalne ki ….Think different ..Live different …..

Then apko apni physical strength to bdhani hi hai sath ke sath ..apni mental and emotional strength bhi badhani hai….Daily +ve energy collect karni hai ..
Agar ek banda full +ve feel kar raha ho…….to vo thora tired bhi ku na ho …Vo better result de sakta hai..ya situation ko better handle kar sakta hai ….

Ab socchna apko hai ….ki aapko apne ko khush rakhna hai …ya apno ko ….ya Dono ko …. 🙂

Think happy ….Live happy ….

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