How to Deal When Your Ex Gets Engaged


How to Deal When Your Ex Gets Engaged


It is extremely painful to hear that your ex has getting married or engaged.Irrespective of how long it has been since both of you decided to part ways,you feel a sudden and intense pang in your heart.It is completely normal to feel upset.Though you worked hard in moving on from that relationship,the past continues to have a strong hold on us.

You can’t sit with holding your past always.It is not easy but you have to accept the reality that now you both are not together.Whatever happened,its a part of destiny.You gave your best,he gave his best according to their prior knowledge of relationship and thinking.But something is lacking that you both don’t know -to carry out that relationship.May be it’s a wrong attitude of anyone-or both,or may be the lack of understanding or trust.
Whatever may be the reason,the truth is that you both have separated their ways.But the good memories are still there in your head and the reasons of breakup are on the other corner of your head.
Both thoughts are clashing.

The reason of breakup       >>>>>>    No.of good moments with your ex.


The good moments both of u shared together always gives you the feeling of happiness along with the extreme pain side by side that you had broke up.And you can’t feel that moment with them again.
Of course,you invested your time and heart ,so its obvious to feel hurt when the relationship won’t work.

Now ,the main point is…..
You both don’t want to give a second chance to your relationship because one may think that the things won’t change or may be one has moved on in their life.

So stop creating false stories in your mind,that they will come and everything will be alright .Relationships are not based on magics or on a stream of illogical thoughts that you always cooks in your mind.
Among each and every thought,that came into your mind about him/her,99 percent of them are false and unrealistic.They are only playing with your emotions.
No-one can change the reality that they are getting married.They choose their life partner other than you.Now there is no other option then accepting the truth.
You also have to move-on and cut out all the streaming of thoughts and emotions that goes to their path.Otherwise you will destroy you life by your own thoughts.Feel the emotions and then let them go.
Keep reminding yourself why the relationship ended.
Be patient with yourself because it might even take several weeks.

Talk to your friends about how you feel.Talking about your feelings will help in making you feel better and see things more rationally.
And the more important point is- Stop stalking them on various social media platforms.It will only end up hurting yourself more.This habit will make it more difficult for you to move on from the past.
The solution is-Block them from everywhere,it will help in keeping you more sane and thinking rationally.

Always remember ,that this phase will pass too.God had better plans for you.

Concentrate on healing your soul.

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  1. Woman divorce or dump a man, don’t want him, tell everyone how bad he is, how worthless he is. But when he moves on and finds someone new, she gets all upset. You see this exact same thing in little children with their toys. A child will throw down a toy, not want it anymore, and start playing with something else. As soon as another child picks up that toy the child will suddenly want it back, will throw a fit, cry, etc. Just more proof that woman are children.

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