When you spend time alone,you better have a chance to know yourself,love yourself,experience your emotions,thoughts.

Spending time alone is a process of learning-You think

You appretiate your thoughts.

You better understand your emotions.

The better you work on your own emotional intelligence skills,the better you live happy and healty relation now and in the future.

Better understanding of others emotions-increases relationship statisfaction.

Conflicts like:-

I am right……..Other…Me too…..Leads to harness your emotions in relationship.

Everyone’s has different psychological state,and level of thinking.

Ultimately emotional intelligence can only be measured by how an individual progress through life,developing meaningful relationships with others,their understanding,their ability to manage their own emotions.

How do you feel when you are in Relationship.

We all go through millions of emotions in our relationship.

These emotions hit our brain to create chemicals…..which change the way we feel.

Sometimes +ve,sometimes Neutral,Sometimes -ve feelings about our partners and ourselves.

When feelings are -ve -Conflicts Occurs.

When conflicts do occur,look at how you are speaking to one another.

Certain words can act as triggers for conflict,so both of you need to be careful to avoid saying things that may be offensive.

If emotional upset happens on a regular basis,your relationship will be unable to grow.

One way to fulfill the emotional con flict is to make sure that you treat your partner better than you treat everyone else in your life.

Give it a try and let your positive emotions be your guide.




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