Reason of Unhappiness:

One of the reason of Unhappiness now a days are Expectations.

We knowingly and unknowingly set expectations all the time for:

  • Our Loves Ones
  • Our Family Members
  • Especially from our life Parteners.

Your daily happiness level can ultimately be measured by the numbers of expectations you set in your Mind.

Unrealistic Expectations leads to unhappiness and feelings of failure.

 Our Mind

Millions  of Thoughts generate in our mind during a day.

People thinks,set expectations and when those seted expectations donot fulfills,it hurts.


Why do you want that others do something for you?

Why donot you do it yourself?

Someone’s try to feel you special or brings surprises for you….why ?

Happiness comes from heart and you can be happy.

By keeping unrealistic expectations from anyone-either your partner or anyone-You are Blocking  the Key/way of your happiness for yourself.

*Nonone in this world will keep you happy if you don’t want to be happy.

So life is too small to be Sad,be happyand keep happy.

God knows-

“Kal ho na ho”…….


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