Don’t give up,the beginning is always the hardest.



Sometimes we feel very  low and demotivated and discharged that a lots of thoughts starts puffing into our mind and

we are in the another world of our thoughts .We fell we can’t do nothing and find ourselves very small in the world

filled with a lot of talented people.

But why u can’t do ..if anyone else can do .

If you can think about of doing it … u can do it even better than others too… the only problem is your own thoughts .
..that distracts you from your own dreams.

To accomplish a dream there is a need of lot of dedication and hard work and motivation .
Sometimes you are so much motivated that …yes ya … you can do it …..your mind is on the +ve mode ….
and when you starts to move forward .. a lot of hurdles comes in your path……..but u have to keep patience .
No dream comes true overnight .You have to sacrifice your nights ,day and lots more.

When your nights becomes your planning nights and your day becomes your implementation day ….u are on the right track.
Most of the people distracts from their path because they are not able to complete their task they set mentally in their mind….
Not always your plan is fully successful …but always even try to implemented half of the task you set for the day .


Remember there is a lots of difference between a beliefs and reality .
Don’t overthink about false beliefs and change your thinking to live in reality .
Mostly distractions happens when they start dreaming which will make them successful quickly and i am not saying that you will not achieve anything …but that remains for a shorter period .

In the hurry you take so many unplanned decisions…that can make you to fall out .
Out of 10,….. 8 peoples are doing the same .
And the remaining 2 walk on the different track of patience .They know nothing can be changed overnight.If they don’t get
the result today …then surely it may be tomorrow or the day later and never give up their dreams and distracted .
They again charged up mentally day to day .
And always keep one point in your mind.No other person can charge you daily…..or expect it to do….You can fell boosted with some persons….but what about when they are not surrounded.
You have to do it yourself by keeping mentally strong.
Change yourself will change automatically in your eyes.
World is what you see after the calculation of your interpreted mind not what it really is.
Your life is so beautiful ..not boring …….nothing is old ….Find the hidden freshness in your life. …..and happiness is in the present moment .
These are not only the words ….it is reality …Don’t count those things that u have missed …and live in the regret that You have wasted your so much time by doing nonsense …or because of any reason ….but count those things You can achieve.Don’t make your mind stagnant at one point …Grow continuously ….Teach Yourself,learn from your and other mistakes.If you are slow in doing today ……surely U will do it faster tomorrow. ….First Satisfied your thoughts …then You can satisfied others .There is no limit to grow.It is very simple to quit but hard to stuck to your dreams.Don’t give up,the beginning is always the hardest.Its always seems impossible until its is done.Never  stop…until you will made it.


When You feel like Quitting think about Why You started.

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