Want to Know what relationship stage you are in Currently?


In Today’s period of time,where being in a relationship is common,irrespective of age.

Here we are talking about couple-love relationship stages.

You may have been in several relationships in your life and all of them may have been very different from the earlier one.

You may give your best in each one but because of some reasons you fall apart each other.

You cannot feel same all the time for your partner.

Sometimes you loves with your full energy on the other side you want a little space alone for yourself.

Relationships goes through several stages along the way.

These stages are like tests that check your compatibility with each other.

It May be 0 to10%,10 to 50%,50 to 80%

Noone is more than 80% compatable .

You have to analyize in which percentage you lies.


1.When you are both trying to impress each Other.

This is the very first stage in every relationship.

In this stage-You may focus on overlook and only good sides of person.

It is an intense attraction in which someone looks attracted and you wanna spend some part of time with them.

You may be attracted by their

  • Physical Beauty
  • Good Nature
  • Intelligence or Whatever you hear from others about that person qualities.

You always try to find a reason to talk them and continuosly trying to Waoooo…..her by your good sides.

This is the stage when two good sides of the person shake their hands and attracted towards themselves.Both of them start loving each other’s company and you’d want to spend every waking minute with your sweetheart.

2.You Start Dating each Other.

In this stage ,both of you start getting to know each other better.You have long conversations with your partner that  stretches late into the night.You talk about each other families,exes,likes,dislikes and other innocent secrets,and life seems so beautiful and romantic ,perhaps the best time in a relationship.

3.The PagalPanti Phase

In this stage you both are so lost in each other that you don’t mind doing anything.

You just only want to spend time with each other and do pagalpanti and forgets rfest,the only thing that matters  is spending time together.

You just cannot take your eyes off her,no matter what the location and venue is.You are lost in her even if she’s not around.

4.And then you start taking each other for granted.(Problem Starts)……Expectations Stage…..

After that romantic dose of dates,you come back to real terms and realize there’s one more world outside your real life.

In this stage,both of you create opinions about each other,both of you know what to expect from each other and you starts making an assumptions about your partner’s commitment towards the relationship.

When these expectations differ that u seted in ur mind,problems arises.You  expect him to pick you up from the office on time.But he arrives an hour later because  he forget all about picking u up.

No late night conversation happens  as such before,no much dates.Everything reduces to an extent.

It depresses You.

5.Constantly try to convince each other to change their behaviour towards the relationship.

This is the struggle phase and one that can end the relationship if both partners have their own ego.This is the moulding stage………Break Up…..

On the other side……………..

If your relationship crosses the moulding stage.Both of you may have changed eyually for each other and understood each other expectations.

And you start living blissfully happy life with each other.You may even decide to get engage,or get Married.

After getting married -also there are so many stages  which would be explained in the next article.




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