How to Control Your Thoughts in 5 Simple Steps


How to control our mind from unwanted thoughts


How to control our mind from unwanted thoughts


“You need to learn,How to control our mind from unwanted thoughts, how to select your thoughts just the same way you select your clothes every day .This is the power you can cultivate .If you want control things in your life so bad,work on the mind.That’s the only thing you should be trying to control”.

Elizabeth Gilbert.

How to Control Your Thoughts in 5 Simple Steps

Observe your thoughts and change them .

You have absolute control over your thoughts ….
“When you are depressed... you don’t control your thoughts …your thoughts control you” ….

When you change your thoughts you will change your feelings as well.
There are two ways on How to control our mind from unwanted thoughts: You can interrupt and replace them or you can eliminate them altogether.
This second option is what is known as peace of mind!

Thoughts that are harmful :

1.Negative thoughts
2.Try to control over someone .
3.When you are addicted to something (drugs ,alcohol,social media ,junk food or any unhealthy habits)or a person.


First Listen your mind ,observe what thoughts are coming…what quality of thoughts it generates about life,people……Understand your life ,its easy …
Do you migrate with your thoughts in real world or in fantasy…?
You need to give some amount of time in observing your thoughts daily ,as you gives in another day to day works.
Mind will always swings you into a fantasy world.

Accept the reality of life ,accept the turn of life you are standing on …whatever be the reason behind this -good or bad or any person ,circumstances.

Accept this truth .. before that your Mind will show you the path of negativity.
Always say thanks to your mind … thank you  mind ….For giving me this positive
thought ..What happened I got failed to this point … but you are with me….


What is the most important works of human life ?
Breathing, Eating, Walking, Loving, and Working. Right …..?
Are you able to do all these things properly ? ….or If you are not able to do so ..what are the reasons ?
We become what we repeatedly think.

When we judge our feelings –we lose touch with the benefits of those feelings. They are valuable sources of information about
our reactions to events in our lives, and they can tell us what is most meaningful and important to us.
I hope you better understand what i am trying to say …..


Don't worry all the time

If there is a problem in our life..we repeatedly think and overthink all the time …..define a particular time to worry ….
rather then worry all the time …..
Schedule time for yourself to worry. By setting aside time to think about your problem, you can rest assured that it will get
the attention it (maybe) needs; this can help you stop thinking excessively about your problem when you don’t want to.

Instead of having regret ,think about what to do next …..
It depends on you …which thought you allow to come into your mind ….Right or wrong …and you better know what is right
or what is wrong for you …..
You only make your life better by controlling your thoughts ..Nobody else…


To be optimistic, try telling yourself that you will succeed and control your mind over and over again, even if in the moment you don’t believe so.
There are some moments with in 24 hours ….when our self-believe weakens…
Make your mind Strong and focused …..not let the temporary pleasures to hover upon the pleasures of
big goal ..that you want to achieve.

For example …During study -our mind is diverted …..towards the temporary pleasures like TV,eating,playing etc.But when you think about the pleasure of scoring good marks…. which is permanent ,you win the battle .
Same as other examples :like Quitting smoking,Weight loss,and many more ……..
Don’t run after the temporary pleasures………

The more your intelligence about life increased ..the more you learn to control over your mind ….


If you are  projecting your single negative experience  onto other experiences or to your predictions about how the future will be…Its wrong. For example, someone who put it might say “I had a difficult
childhood, so my life is going to be difficult forever.” To stop it……
Take it upon yourself to change your own future through hard work and persistence. For example, if you had a difficult
childhood and think your life is going to be difficult forever, you might identify ways in which you want your life to improve,
and work to improve them.


Don’t give importance or waste your energy in unnecessary things and talks and gossips …..because the things are not in your control ..only you can control your own thoughts …..and learn  how to control our mind from unwanted thoughts.

When do we use our mind?Or What are thoughts ?
When we think about our (life ,study ,work,success,failure ,health ,money ,development ,love,pain,family ,profit ,loss ) or about the people we love .

When we think about others ….basically …in simple words judging others positively (gives us motivation) or negatively (affects our brain functioning ).

You can ask yourself if you really know that the thought you are having is true. You can also ask yourself to identify specific
pieces of evidence that would suggest that the thought is true.


Do good works others …..What does he think about me ….good or bad doesn’t matter…..
Such random thoughts usually comes in mind  …
Before creating an image in someone’s eyes ..Make your image in the eyes of yourself. ..
Do not look at yourself by someone else’s eyes…
Do such things … in which you find peace for yourself…..

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