10 Psychological Facts That Reveal So Much About Us


10 Psychological Facts That Reveal So Much About Us


1. Sex, Food And Danger are pictured First In Our Brains.

Thanks to millions of years of evolutionary conditioning, our brains seem to be hardwired to assess things as a meal, a mate,
or a threat. That’s why we find images of food, sexual suggestion, and danger so compelling and so hard to ignore .


2. We find difficult to handle More Than 150 Social Connections.

It is suggested that humans find it difficult to have any meaningful connection with more than 150 people at a time.

Why it matters: you may have hundreds, or even thousands of “friends” on Facebook, but when it comes to real life, if you
want to make new genuine connections, you might find you have to drop a few existing ones to make space.


3 Our Minds Spend 30% Of The Time Wandering

Typically speaking, our minds are not focused on the task at hand a staggering 30% of the time. Instead, they are found
wandering in memories and daydreams



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5. Even The Thought Of Progress Motivates Us

Often, all it takes to motivate us is the illusion that we are making progress towards our goals – source.

Why it matters: if we can trick our minds into thinking we’re making progress, we can actually motivate ourselves into
working harder towards achieving our dreams and goals.


6. We feel happier when we’re busy

Imagine that you’re at the airport, and you need to pick up the luggage. In ten minutes, you reach the claim area and
immediately collect your suitcase.

And now, a slightly different situation. You find a shortcut and manage to get to the baggage carousel in just two minutes.
Then, you spend the remaining eight minutes waiting for your suitcase to appear.
In both cases, it took you no more than ten minutes to pick up the luggage. However, in the second scenario, you probably
felt more impatient and dissatisfied. This is due to the fact that our brain dislikes being idle and prefers to stay busy instead.
And, for every task completed, it rewards us with dopamine, the hormone of happiness.


7 .Being alone for a long time is as bad for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

8.The people who give the best advice are usually the ones with the most problems.

9 .Most of your decisions are subconscious
Although you like to think that all of your decisions are carefully controlled and thought out, research tells us that most of
our everyday decisions are actually subconscious. There is a reason for this though. Every second our brains are bombarded
with over 11 millions individual pieces of data and because there is no way we can consciously sift through all of it our
subconscious mind, following certain “rules of thumb”, helps us out.


10 . We can sustain our attention for …10 minutes

When we are really interested in something, we can be very attentive for approximately 10 minutes. After that, well, our
mind wanders away.

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